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Looking for a mechanical earthmoving contractor for your project?

We undertake earthworks OWN EARTH-MOVING MACHINERY on time, flexible

Why choose us?

Several years of experience

Several years of experience

We have years of experience in machine earthmoving

Own fleet

Own fleet

We have our own modern fleet of machines to ensure that we can always offer our customers the best

We also help with transport

We also help with transport

We can remove excess debris or bring the material to be processed to the site as required

Experienced operators

Experienced operators

Our operators have years of experience as earthmoving machine operators

Customer-friendly attitude

Customer-friendly attitude

Our philosophy is friendly, direct communication. Feel free to ask!

Working on time

Working on time

The mechanical earthworks we undertake will be carried out on time and under guarantee

Flexible working

Flexible working

We do our best to do our work in line with our clients’ expectations

Favourable prices

Favourable prices

We work at fair, competitive prices that reflect the quality of our services

If we work together

  • Your project will be completed on or before the deadline
  • Earth and debris excavated during mechanical excavation will also be removed
  • You will be able to count on pre-defined costs
  • You will meet friendly, helpful colleagues
  • Any additional works not planned will also be carried out

Earthwork services in North-Western Transdanubia

Our central site is located in Gyarmat. Our service covers the following counties.

  • Győr-Moson-Sopron county
  • Veszprém county
  • Vas county
  • Komárom-Esztergom county
  • Northern part of Fejér county
  • Western Pest county
  • Budapest

Mechanised earth-moving for private individuals, businesses, municipalities ,public institutions

It doesn’t matter if you need to dig the foundation of a new house, or help a large company with a multi-billion HUF investment, or a municipality with the construction of a sewerage system, you can count on us! Mechanical earthmoving at the top level!

What you can trust us with

Our earthworkers

JCB Robot 160 Power Boom

The JCB robot is one of the most versatile, safest machines on the market. Its manoeuvrability and load capacity make it one of the best machines in its class. Perfect choice for mechanical slab work.

  • Axis spacing: 1300 mm
  • Maximum lift height: 2650 mm
  • Seating height: 2150 mm
  • Tare weight: 2650kg


The JCB 4CX 4-wheel steer backhoe loader is the largest machine of its type manufactured by JCB. 60 years in the excavator market make it the market leader. An incredibly reliable and efficient tool, there is almost no type of earthmoving that it can’t do.

  • Maximum depth: 4320 mm
  • Maximum loading height: 2900 mm
  • Maximum pouring height: 2700 mm
  • Capacity of first bucket: 1,3 m³

Takeuchi TB 153fr Midi Backhoe

The Takeuchi TB153FR Midi excavator is an excellent choice for foundation digging, trenching and other earthworks. Three different spoon sizes. A reliable, easy-to-use, efficient tool for mechanical earthmoving.

  • Maximum height: 5400 mm
  • Maximum digging depth 3900 mm
  • Maximum extension: 6100 mm
  • 3 different capacity spoons
  • Unladen weight 5850 kg
  • Width: 2000 mm

Macao CT22 Pro Mini Excavator

The Macao CT22 Pro mini excavator is an excellent companion for excavation work. It has excellent technical parameters and can perform a wide range of tasks thanks to its various accessories.

  • Axis spacing: 1300 mm
  • Maximum digging height: 3700 mm
  • Digging depth: 2330 mm
  • Max. power: 25 kw
  • Tare weight: 2200kg

Macao HZ22 Pro road roller

The Macao HZ22 Pro road roller is an excellent choice for road construction, pavement and cycle paths. Simple, reliable construction.

  • Length: 2300 mm
  • Width: 1000 mm
  • Height: 2150 mm
  • Max. power: 11,5 kw
  • Tare weight: 2000 kg

Mercedes Vario 512D

Extremely durable, 3.5 tonne extended flatbed rear double-wheel tipper. Ideal for smaller spaces. It is capable of transporting large volumes of cargo for its size.

  • Power: 122 le
  • Platform size: 4200 mm x 2050 mm x 700 mm
  • Payload capacity: 2000 kg
  • Volume: 5,11 m³
  • Rear tipper body


One of the best off-road trucks, the IFA W50 flatbed truck with 3 side tippers, well known to many, still holds its own. Robust design, reliable, easy to maintain.

  • Platform size: 3000 mm x 2350 mm
  • Payload capacity: 4450 kg
  • Cargo volume: 6 m³
  • Platform tilting to 3 sides
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