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Technical inspection

A technical inspector is employed during the purchase, construction or building of a property. The technical inspector’s task is to represent the client, the contractor, and to keep the interests of the client in mind during the construction. Supervises compliance with plans and deadlines in contracts and technical documents, and proposes more efficient solutions.
Hiring a good technical inspector can take a lot of the burden off the client’s shoulders, and can also result in significant cost savings during the construction process.

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Under the current legislation, it is mandatory to appoint a technical inspector if more than one main contractor is involved in the execution of the construction or works.

For more information, technical consultancy fees and to order our services, please contact us!

We carry out the following tasks during technical inspections

  • Auditing and reviewing existing contracts and documents
  • Monitoring and enforcing budget plans
  • Monitoring construction and building processes, making suggestions for more efficient and cheaper solutions
  • Ongoing coordination with contractors, subcontractors
  • Checking contractor, subcontractor invoices
  • Checking the working conditions of contractors
  • Continuous, daily monitoring of the work of contractors
  • Enforcing health and safety regulations
  • Quality control of raw materials for construction materials
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