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Technical advice

Our technical consultancy service is worth using in the case of real estate sale and purchase, or real estate construction and renovation.

We work with our experienced colleagues to provide our clients with the most accurate information to make decisions on a project, and to guarantee technical and legal certainty.

We assess the overall condition of the property you want to buy or renovate, both from a technical and energy point of view. We carry out risk assessments and cost estimates for the recommended repairs and renovations. We propose to repair possible defects, carry out renovations, implement energy improvements to increase the energy efficiency of the building. The data and recommendations obtained during the survey are recorded in a technical opinion.

For more information, technical consultancy fees and to order our services, please contact us!

What we are good at

  • Condition assessment prior to property purchase, sale, construction, renovation
  • Valuation prior to sale, construction, renovation
  • Technical advice prior to the conversion of a property
  • Compilation and documentation of a list of defects and deficiencies prior to the occupation of the completed property
  • Compiling a list of defects for properties under warranty or guarantee
  • Assisting with the technical handover of buildings
  • Qualification of contractors’ tenders, participation in price negotiations
  • Participation in the development of the construction and contractor’s contract
  • Advice on drawing up a construction programme
  • Advice on fixing the builder’s needs
  • Customer representation in negotiations
  • Family house, apartment, business property
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