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We build your family house up to in 3 months

Lightweight construction, SE-SIP Construction Regular construction of family houses

We build your family house up to in 3 months

Lightweight construction, SE-SIP Construction Regular construction of family houses

Are you about to build?

Choose a modern, lightweight construction system and move into your dream home in as little as 3 months

SIP Rendszer, könnyűszerkezetes épületek építése

SE-SIP Building System

Modern technology, years of experience, across Europe

Lightweight technology

Lightweight technology

Lightweight, low-energy passive homes with structurally insulated panels

Almost any building shape can be built

Almost any building shape can be built

The technology provides free formatting options. Let your imagination run wild!

Available to move in up to 3 months

Available to move in up to 3 months

Thanks to efficient technology, you can move into your dream home in up to 90 days

Excellent thermal insulation

Excellent thermal insulation

Excellent thermal insulation properties. Energy costs can be reduced by up to 60%, compared to conventional brick buildings

First class stability

First class stability

The structure can withstand earthquakes and tornadoes of up to a certain intensity

CSOK compatible houses

CSOK compatible houses

Take advantage of the various subsidies provided by the state!

Full administration

Full administration

On request, we can also take care of the entire administrative process (planning, permits, loan administration, CSOK…)

SE-SIP Houses


How much does a house built with SE-SIP Systemcost?

The price of a turnkey lightweight house depends on the individual needs and market conditions in the area. To be able to give you an accurate quote, we need to know your exact ideas and plans.

If you still want to calculate, you can use the following prices, which represent the price of a turnkey house:

250.000 – 350.000 Ft/m2

This price includes the complete house construction, windows, doors, mechanicals, cladding, finishes and all finishing works. What is not included is the foundation, utility connections and the land price.

Why choose a lightweight house built with the SE-SIP System?

  • Years of experience, countless projects across Europe
  • Short construction, delivery time. Up to 90 days!
  • Low structural mass
  • A building system of structurally insulated panels. Each panel consists of 2 OSB boards and a foam insulation core
  • Excellent thermal and sound insulation properties (up to 60% lower heating costs compared to conventional buildings)
  • Minimal construction waste is generated during construction
  • Favourable prices
  • Almost any building shape can be built
  • Any type of opening can be installed
  • Dry construction system. No thermal bridges, thus no village mould!
  • High quality, durable buildings

GIFT worth more than 270.000 HUF!

Build your lightweight family house with us and in addition to our numerous free additional services, we will surprise you with a comfort and security package worth more than 270.000 HUF!

Contents of the package:

  • Electric door opening system, so that you don’t have to get out of the car every time you arrive, even in rain or wind
  • Intercom, a convenience and security solution for visitor identification
  • Alarm system to keep your property and valuables as safe as possible

What is a SIP System?

The SIP system is based on prefabricated insulated panels. These panels are used by our experts to build the previously designed and approved house on site.

Houses built with the SIP system are classified as timber-framed buildings, but their physical and thermal insulation capacity is far superior to that of traditional timber construction.

Panels made with SE-SIP technology can be easily used for flooring, load-bearing, partition walls, and for building family houses with excellent air-tightness.


CSOK compatible houses

The houses we build are fully eligible for the Family Home Subsidy (CSOK).

Get up to HUF 10 million in non-refundable state support! Don’t let the free millions go to waste.

No time or don’t like administrative tasks? No problem! Our company will carry out the CSOK application free of charge, you only need to sign the documents and application forms.

Full administration, licensing

Not only do we provide outstanding service in design and construction.
We can also carry out all the permits and administration related to the construction, if required.

What we help you with:

  • Design
  • Licensing
  • Lawyer
  • Credit management, banking
  • CSOK administration

SE-SIP Building System Videos

SIP system for any type of building

Thanks to the technology’s impressive features, SIP can be used for almost any type of building, from complex family houses, to condominiums, to commercial properties.

Prefabricated insulated panels

The SIP System is based on prefabricated insulated panels. These elements have excellent durability and insulation properties. It can be used for interior, exterior, retaining and partition walls.

Combining with older buildings

Prefabricated insulated panels can be perfectly combined with older, different types of building systems. Which significantly increase the thermal insulation capacity and reduce the environmental impact of the building


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